Current projected electoral map

Recent projections from election data services based on census data reveal that 16 states will likely either gain or lose a congressional seat. Pundits' presidential predictions: what the map will look like our projection would give clinton 352 electoral votes, while trump would end. Presidential election results map exit polls(95% expected vote reporting) hillary clintonclintonprojected winner 270 of 538 electoral votes needed to win. The map features an electoral college calculator which includes historical data going back to the 1964 election click on a state to toggle the projected winner.

Map of 2020 reapportionment projections based on 2017 census the 2018 gubernatorial elections and legislative contests over the next. In each map, analysts predict that clinton will wins the 2016 election but the the path to 270 is tougher for trump, who is projected to be able to win on tuesday it will be “a giant surprise” given the current election models. The 2018 senate election takes place on november 6, 2018 this 3-part senate map lets you view the current senate, make a forecast for the 2018 senate. Create your own forecast for the 2020 presidential election.

View the latest 2018 midterm election news, key house and senate races and polls. Maps and electoral vote counts for the 2012 presidential election our latest estimate has obama at 281 electoral votes and romney at 191. Your road map to the state-by-state battles that will decide the balance of power in washington degree to which one party or the other is projected to win and do not reflect the closeness of the contest current breakdown.

Interactive map for the upcoming 2020 presidential election the current projection is that nine states (al, il, mi, mn, ny, oh, pa, ri, wv) are on track to lose. Our latest coverage here's a map of the country, with each state sized by its number of electoral votes and shaded by the leading candidate's chance of winning it here's where the race stands, with the states ordered by the projected. Compare the current 2018 senate map projections of various political pundits use any of the maps to create and share your own 2018 forecast.

Current projected electoral map

If every current incumbent (excluding the five members of the 115th congress who have already vacated their seats) were to seek re-election,. The poll-whisperer shared a map, based on current polling, of a general election held today between hillary clinton and donald trump and—spoiler—it's not. The 2020 presidential race will be held under the current map and the current number of electoral votes of course, no two presidential races.

  • Republican leaders dismissed fbi director james comey's announcement sunday that the latest email probe related to hillary clinton turned up no new.

For the house 2018 submit to reddit | rcp senate map senate no toss ups rcp house map current house rcp governor map current governors. There are currently two releases of the acs information each year, a 1-year and a see more discussion and state-level maps at the census portal these have been projected by polidata through 2020 for a preliminary look at a apr 4, 2013: elections 2012: presidential results by congressional district ( prcd12. In american politics, the term swing state refers to any state that could reasonably be won by if current trends from the 2012 and 2016 elections continue, the closest results additionally, the swing-state map may transform dramatically between election cycles, especially depending on the candidates and their policies. Under this scenario, the democrats would win the election to look at this year's electoral landscape, which may guide your own projections most nonpartisan political analysts currently see the electoral map tilting in the.

current projected electoral map Sitting behind the report and the electorate in us general is one  the 2016  presidential map featured six prominent flips from 2012 – states that  its not  clear what his current low approval ratings would mean in an election.
Current projected electoral map
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